Christian is a minor character in the TV show The Office. He is a representative of Lackawanna County and was a potential client of Dunder Mifflin.

Season 2 Edit

In the episode The Client, Christian meets with Michael and Jan at a Chili's restaurant for a business meeting. Michael and Christian hit it off and Michael makes a successful sale after a long night of joking. With Michael taking the lead on the sale, Jan was so certain that the meeting would be a failure that she was falling-down drunk by the time Michael closed the deal. This leads to Michael and Jan kissing for the first time.

Personality Edit

Christian is professional, and as representative of Lackawanna County he gets the job done. Christian has a humorous side, as throughout the episode he is shown to respond very positively to Michael’s jokes. Christian is easy to talk to, as he gets along with Michael, and has a serious talk with Jan during truth or dare. Though he has a good laugh with Michael, he is able to work a deal for Dunder Mifflin to be the county’s paper supplier.

Appearances Edit

Christian appears exclusively in The Client (In the Chili’s meeting)

Trivia Edit

  • Christian is played by Tim Meadows
  • His last name is unknown.
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