Episode - Reason for Cursing / Nudity Edit

Michael Edit

China - Erin suggested killing someone to gain a large life insurance policy.

Michael's Last Dundies - Touched by the office's serenade of a Seasons of Love parody for him.

Fun Run - Pam walks in on him naked.

Dwight Edit

Happy Hour - Startled by Angela standing next to him.

Special Project - Annoyed about the workers coming on the business trip.

The Target - Thinking Angela wants to have sex he waits naked in a room in the warehouse.

Jim Edit

The Lover - Concerned about how much Michael knows about Pam's mother.

Pam Edit

The Lover - Angry about Michael dating her mother.

Garage Sale - Shocked about the diamonds in Holly's engagement ring.

Andy Edit

Free Family Portrait Studio - Annoyed about how he couldn't fire Nellie.

The Boat - Insulting his father's actions to his family.

The Incentive - Pulls his pants down to tattoo his ass.

Livin' the Dream - Curses many times to get himself fired, pulls his pants down to shit on David's car.

Kevin Edit

Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager - Sees a piranha in the toilet.

The Incentive - Repeating various insults Darryl had said about his ex-wife.

After Hours - Asking if Darryl had had sex with Val.

Angela Edit

A.A.R.M. - Dwight swerves in front of her while driving.

Finale - Angry at Mose for locking her in the trunk of a car.

Toby Edit

The Meeting - Insulting Darryl thinking he lied about a work injury.

Phyllis Edit

Cafe Disco - Hurts her back and screams in pain.

Creed Edit

The Ultimatum - Believes Erin is making fun of him, yells at her.

Meredith Edit

Beach Games - Pulls up her shirt thinking she's wearing her swimsuit.

Casual Friday - Wearing a revealing dress that when she attempts to fix only reveals more.

Doomsday - Holds up her middle finger at Dwight.

Promos - Yells at the documentary crew, then flashes them.

Ryan Edit

Pool Party - Swims naked in a pool to make a good impression on Robert.

Garage Sale - Talking about his mom's pesto sauce.

Kelly Edit

Search Committee - Is annoyed at Gabe for not taking her seriously as a managerial candidate.

? - Is shown in a picture naked due to Ryan's photography.

Gabe Edit

The Search - Repeats a word used in Meredith's caption that insults him.

Pool Party - Also swims naked to make a good impression on Robert.

Darryl Edit

The Meeting - Repeats Toby's remark on his sister.

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