This will be a page for the character of The Camera Man. The show's premise is that a camera crew follows the everyday workings of Dunder Mifflin. Because of this, the camera crew is an acknowledged part of the show, breaking the fourth wall. The crew is rarely talked about or seen in the show, but they are talked to whenever an office member is being interviewed. Also, the camera man sometimes plays integral parts in the show. For instance, when he shows Pam that Dwight and Angela have a relationship. This example shows us that the Camera Man has some stake in what happens in the office. Also, in the episode "Branch Wars ," when Jim is hiding from Karen in a car, the Camera Man is responsible for getting Jim caught, prompting Jim to mouth the words "Come on, man!" to him. Characters who are not part of the main cast sometimes react in surprise to the camera crew (for example, in the episode "Money ", Michael's other boss thinks they are a crew documenting the exploitation of workers). Sometimes people ignore the cameras along with everyone else (as in numerous sales calls where the customer is seemingly not confused by the presence of a camera crew).

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