Throughout The Office's run, corporate is a big part of the documentary. The Chief Executive Order (CEO) position, although rarely talked about, can be an important part of a few episodes.


Alan Brand was the CEO of Dunder Mifflin until it was bought out. Then, Jo Bennett became CEO due to her owning Sabre, Bennett was later succeeded by Robert California. David Wallace was later convinced by Andy Bernard to purchase Dunder Mifflin from Sabre.

Alan Brand Era

Alan Brand has been mentioned throughout the series, starting with the pilot episode. In the pilot, Michael tells Jan Levinson to give Alan a friendly message. However, their relationship seemed to turn for the worse, because in season six's Shareholder Meeting, he doesn't like Michael, possibly implying it was a one-way friendship.

Jo Bennett Era

  • First appearance: Sabre

When Dunder Mifflin was bought out by Sabre in Secret Santa, Jo Bennett became CEO. She is unorthodox, tough, unrelenting, but is as charming as she is stubborn. Her first interaction with Michael Scott doesn't go so well and she forces Gabe Lewis to work in Scranton for her.

Jo's tenure as CEO came to an end when Robert California, newly hired as the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch manager drove to Florida and somehow convinced Jo to resign and appoint him as CEO.

Robert California Era

Robert California was initially hired to manage the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. On his first day, however, Robert drove down to Florida and somehow convinced Jo Bennett to resign and appoint him the new CEO. Among his first acts was to promote Andy Bernard to succeed him as manager of the Scranton branch. Robert California becomes mysterious and expecting as in The Incentive he demands the staff double their sales. He allows Nellie to go through with the chain of retail stores however shuts it down knowing that Sabre's electronics are cheap. He proves later on to be dangeorus to the company as he lets Nellie take the managers position at the Scranton branch due to his strong desire for her. He begins making unwise decisions simply to appease her. His divorce however leads to great stress and he begins drinking heavily and leaving phone messages on people's phones he didn't want to. His biggest mistake was shutting down a branch while he was drunk. A salesman notes that Robert is driving the company into the ground. Robert later sells the branch to David Wallace who Andy had convinced to buy the company.

David Wallace Era

David Wallace was convinced by Andy Bernard to buy the company from the unstable hands of Robert California and in exchange, to appoint Andy back to the manager's position. David Wallace buys the company back and appoints Andy as regional manager again. Despite Nellie going back to her position as Special Projects Manager, David decides to keep her at the Scranton branch. David sends Andy as well as his own son, to a management training camp where they learn to be excellent managers. When he discovers Andy had been sailing his family's boat to the Caribbean for 3 months he gives Andy a huge warning and doesn't fire him. When Andy spent company money on a high end printer he is going to fire him but Andy was going to quit but then he puts Andy on sales. Then Andy kept doing bad things to get himself fired. Then David made Dwight the new Manager.

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