Brandon, played by Jerry Minor, owns a Jamaican Restaurant and used to date Val.

Brandon visits the Scranton Branch after Andy orders Jamaican food for the staff during a late night work event. He becomes jealous upon seeing Darryl and openly admits he believes that he and Val are having an affair. Brandon then forces Darryl to read his texts to Val in front of the office to prove that Darryl is doing this. Darryl proves that this isn't the case (After Hours).

Brandon becomes jealous after he sees Darryl giving Hide and Calvin a tour of the new warehouse since their departure and greatly compliments Val. A jealous Brandon then insults Darryl but Darryl plays it off. Val is later seen with Darryl holding his hand implying that she broke up with Brandon so that she could date Darryl. (Free Family Portrait Studio).

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