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Dunder Mifflin Company branches

Dunder Mifflin branch map

Active branches

Closed/unopened branches

  • Binghamton branch - a former branch in New York, closed by Robert California in Season 8 a few days before the liquidation of Sabre.
  • Buffalo branch - a former branch in New York managed by Dan Gore until its closure sometime between Season 5 and Season 6. Closing announced in Company Picnic.
  • Camden branch - in New Jersey, mentioned by Ben Nugent as having a poor reputation, and by Michael to be located in a basement. In Season 5 premiere Weight Loss, the Camden branch is listed on Holly's whiteboard as one of the branches participating in the weight-loss competition. It apparently closed soon thereafter, as noted in Season 5 finale Company Picnic
  • Northeast branch - the proposed renaming of the Stamford branch after the board originally voted to close the Scranton branch and merge the two. This branch never came to fruition as Scranton ultimately absorbed Stamford.
  • Pittsfield branch - a former branch in Massachusetts. According to Jan in Boys and Girls, the branch closed after attempts at unionization.
  • Stamford branch - a former branch in Connecticut. It was supposed to absorb the Scranton branch, but after manager Josh Porter took a job with Staples, the Stamford branch closed instead. Some of its employees were absorbed by the Scranton branch.
  • Yonkers branch - in New York, mentioned by Michael to have two attractive employees. Noted as having recently closed in Company Picnic.
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