Dwight's bobblehead doll

Dwight has a large collection of bobblehead dolls which he keeps on his desk at work. His favorite bobblehead is one of himself that was a present from his girlfriend Angela.("Valentine's Day")

Bobblehead appearancesEdit

  • Jim complains to Dwight that he threw out his lunch as Dwight plays with his Phillies bobbleheads. ("The Alliance")*
  • Angela gives Dwight a "Dwight" bobblehead doll and, after consulting with Pam for advice, he gives her a key, presumably to his bedket ranch home. ("Valentine's Day")
  • When Dwight announces his resignation, he bequeaths his box of desk items to Michael, but pulls away two bobblehead dolls, including the likeness of himself. ("Traveling Salesmen")
  • To mock Andy, Dwight comes in wearing a Cornell sweatshirt, which irritates Andy. Dwight tries to talk about Cornell with Andy and tells him that he is going to apply there. He further installs a Cornell pennant and a Cornell mascot bobblehead in his area.("Employee Transfer")
  • Dwight is shocked when Andy told him Angela was sleeping with both he and Dwight. They both head back into the office, where Andy makes a call to cancel his wedding cake, which was shaped like a sailboat and Dwight throws out his bobblehead doll. ("The Duel")

* Deleted Scene


  • When the Dwight bobblehead dolls went on sale on, they sold out their initial order of 5000 units.
  • For the Season 3 DVD Best Buy offered "The Welcome Aboard Kit" which includes a Dundie Award, a Dwight Schrute mini-bobblehead, and a welcome aboard letter in a collector's box similar to Season 2's.
  • The produced a bobblehead video featuring the Michael Scott bobblehead. (See below)


NBC Store - Jim & Kelly out in 2010.


Psych Bobbleheads

Psych Bobbleheads

Featuring the Michael Scott bobblehead

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