Robert "Bob" Vance, is a fictional character played by Bobby Ray Shafer in the television series The Office.

Character Information

  • He always introduces himself as, "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration."

Season 2

Phyllis introduces Kevin, Stanley, and Ryan to Bob when he attends the office christmas party. As he shakes their hands he introduces himself with "Vance Refrigeration" tacked on at the end of his name. An awkeward silence then leads Ryan to ask "So, what line of work are you in Bob?" (Christmas Party).

In Valentine's Day, Bob sends Phllis Valentine gifts including two arrangements of flowers and a gigantic teddy bear.

Bob donated a mini refrigerator as the prize for most chips winner in Casino Night.

Season 3

In the season opener, Phyllis announces she is engaged to Bob Vance. In mid-season, Bob marries Phyllis. At the wedding he is introduced as Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration like usual. Later, when he hears of the impending shutdown of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, he offers to buyout their warehouse space, thus ensuring Darryl, Roy and the other warehouse workers remain employed.

Season 4

Bob Vance was present at the Fun Run. In this episode Phyllis mentions that Bob is unitarian.

In the episode Chair Model, W.B. Jones Heating & Air goes under renovations and their construction vehicles take up parking spaces. As a result of this, the leaders of the "Five Families" of the business park is called to discuss the parking problem. The problem is resolved quickly.

Season 5

Bob and Phillys go on a double date with Pam & Jim. Blood Drive

Season 6

Bob dresses up as Santa for Vance refrigeration Secret Santa

Season 7

Bob Vance was present at the office's halloween party and was dressed as Dirty Harry (Costume Contest).

Season 9

Bob attends Roy Anderson's wedding along with Phyllis. When Roy reveals to his new bride that he got lessons on how to sing and play the piano he sings a song about his new wife while Bob and Phyllis begin to make out much to Pam and Jim's disgust (Roy's Wedding).

After the episode The Target aired, NBC put up several customer complaint cards that appeared in the episode. Bob Vance filed a complaint to Andy citing that he saw Dwight driving a bike across a wire citing the event that occured in New Guys.


  • Bob Vance is one of two long-running characters who have never had a Talking head. The other is Hank Tate.
  • Bob Vance prefers to be called "Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration". He is even called that during his wedding ceremony.


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