"Blackmail: Pay Day" was part of the webisode series, "The Office: Blackmail," that was an internet spin-off of The Office. It was written by Jonathan Hughes and marked B.J. Novak's directorial debut. It aired on May 28, 2009.


Oscar and Angela tell Creed that he can't blackmail them all without them putting up a fight. Andy calls Toby, who doesn't help. Toby is shown hiding his own envelope Creed gave him. Oscar, Angela, and Andy then discover some of Creed's secrets: making anti-democracy videos in China, being Janice Joplin's drug dealer, and hosting raves in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse, under the alias of "Papa Smurf." Creed threatens to set himself on fire, by rubbing two sticks together, if Oscar, Andy, Meredith, and Angela won't give him the money ($6 or it's equivalent in canned goods). Realizing just how pathetic and deranged Creed may be, they eventually relent and pay. Creed says he is going to buy a helicopter (really a toy helicopter), and that he is going to fly it to the Amazon, home of the world's largest bookstore (


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