"Blackmail: Oscar" was a webisode in the series, "The Office: Blackmail," which was an internet spin-off of the hit NBC show, The Office. It was written by Nate Federman and directed by B.J. Novak, who marked his directorial debut with the webisode series. It aired on May 7, 2009.


In an effort to make some extra money, Creed has decided to blackmail some of his coworkers. His first target is Oscar. Creed first shows Oscar a video of himself, threatening that with the information he has acquired, he will make Oscar's world collapse. Undaunted, Oscar asks Creed what he has learned. Creed at first can't recall, but offers Oscar a DVD Creed says is a sex-tape. The video shows Oscar getting into his car, and then cuts to scenes from the film Milk. Oscar is bewildered and angered, and in a talking head, says that Creed has managed to ruin "Gus Van Sant's masterpiece" for him. Creed, disappointed, but not deterred, tells the camera crew he'll blackmail his next victim with actual information. Creed is then shown dropping a green envelope on Andy's desk. Immediately upon seeing the envelope's contents, Andy reacts shocked and disturbed. Creed passively mentions he hope this won't affect their friendship.

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