Blackmail: Kelly was a webisode in the series, "The Office: Blackmail," which was an internet spin-off of the hit NBC show, The Office. It was written by Jonathan Hughes and directed by B.J. Novak, who marked his directorial debut with the webisode series. It aired on May 21, 2009.


Creed gives Kelly a picture of her kissing a girl to blackmail her. She points out it's the same photo she uses on her MySpace page. She didn't like kissing the girl, however, she likes the attention it brings. Creed next reveals the he knows that she skipped work to go to a Jonas Brothers concert. Kelly, scared that she'll lose her job, tells Creed that she'll give him something in exchange for his silence. Creed states that he wants a helicopter, which Kelly says she can't afford to pay for. Creed then suggests "commodities": gold, silver, political capital, uranium, or information. Kelly gives him facts about Angela, Meredith, Oscar, and presumably Toby (he is seen with a green envelope like everyone else). Creed gives them each an envelope, which upon opening and reading the contents inside, causes each of them to act very surprised and disturbed.

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