"Blackmail: Andy" was a webisode in the series, "The Office: Blackmail," which was an internet spin-off of the hit NBC show, The Office. It was written by Nate Federman and directed by B.J. Novak, who marked his directorial debut with the webisode series. It aired on May 14, 2009.


Andy asks Creed what he plans to do with the information he's acquired. Creed asks for a donation and then uses the wrong hand gesture which they argue about. In a talking head interview, Andy says he hasn't been this freaked out since he had to choose between "Here Comes Treble", "Treble in Paradise", "The Treble-shooters", and "The Finger Lake Maestros." Creed again confronts Andy at the copier by sneaking up behind him. This greatly unnerves Andy, and he calls Creed "gratuitously creepy", for which Creed thanks him. Andy decides to come clean about his secret: he got a tattoo during his semester at sea. Kelly mentions that it's a tramp stamp. Andy denies it, says it means "Nard Dog", he doesn't regret it, and confirmed that he's getting it laser removed. Creed states that blackmail isn't easy and decides to take a nap. However, in doing so, he misses juicy info about Meredith and says he'll blackmail the "Indian chick" instead.


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