Aunt Shirley was Dwight Schrute's aunt.

Shirley is first mentioned on Dwight's Organizational chart. ("Did I Stutter?")

Dwight tried to use the power hose to wash her until he was stopped by Angela Martin. Angela would then give Shirley a makeover, with Shirley later asking when the two would be married. ("Moving On")

In the following episode, Dwight announces her death to the office and uninvites all of his fellow employees by throwing brown acidic dirt in their faces, except for Oscar Martinez, who was invited after having red non-acidic dirt thrown in his face, as part of Schrute family tradition. At her funeral, Dwight shot her corpse with a shotgun due to rumors of old grave robbers finding scratching in coffins, suggesting some buried individuals were not deceased as first thought. ("The Farm") She left her farm to Dwight and his siblings.


  • It is possible that she was the wife of Dwight’s uncle Honk.
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