Ryan: I know we have may have no been right together in the past but its weird... I'd rather she be alone than with someone... is that love?

Jim: That's about it... yeah.

Robert California: I never allow a sexual desire influence a business decision, so i find it best to recuse myself temporairly to make love then I go back and analyze the situation rationally... Buffet operates the same way.

Pam: I saw you talking to Ryan a little while ago.

Kelly: Yeah, he's so sweet, he pointed to my latte and said "That would be the color of our children"

Pam: Yeah he is... great... remember what it felt like when he cheated on you though?

Kelly: Which time?

Nellie: Take a man's job but leave him his balls... Margaret Tatcher said that... probably... don't know... don't read, didn't see the movie.

Nellie: No, no, no.... I myself have never been in that arena, I myself have been with several older men.

Robert and Creed: How old?

Creed: Jinx! Buy me some coke.

Erin: Toby, doesn't HR have a rule against talking about this kind of stuff?

Toby: Erin, HR's a joke, I can't do anything about anything.


- punches hole in the same wall he punched a hole in in Season 3 - (The Return)

Darryl: He does not like that wall...

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