Angry Andy is the twenty-first episode of the eighth season of the American comedy television series "The Office" and is the show's 173rd overall. It was directed by Claire Scanlon and written by Justin Spitzer. It originally aired on NBC on April 19, 2012. It was viewed by 4.35 million people.


As it is raining, Jim makes a bet with his coworkers that if by noon Phyllis says all her raindy day cliches then he will buy them all hot chocolate. The staff all work together and prompt her to say 11 out of the 12 with the last one being "This rain makes me want to curl up with a good book" however they fail in getting her to say it. She reveals to the cameras that normally she would but "everyone is being so nice today!"

Andy and Erin return from their trip however Andy's joy is short-lived when he see's Kevin wearing Andy's Cornell sweater having greatly stretched it out due to his girth. Andy realizes that the new manager, Nellie Bertram, had given all of his possesions to the various office staff. Andy also notices his wood sailor statue, "Old Salty" is now on Dwight's desk and has been converted into a bobblehead. Andy goes to meet Nellie and kindly asks her that whenever she gets the chance that he'd like his office back however Nellie refuses to step down. Andy goes to get Robert in hopes that he can return his position. Robert tells Nellie that Andy is the manager and she must step down however Nellie flirts with Robert causing Robert to become indecisive and rather then choose between the right thing and the easy thing he simply tells them that they can figure it out themselves. Nellie threatens to dock Andy's pay unless he gets out of her office and Angela does so when Andy refuses. Andy tries to do the same but Angela does not display the same loyalty. Andy finally leaves when Nellie threatens to dock it $10,000. Andy appears weak in front of his coworkers and becomes impotent with Erin later that night.

Meanwhile Pam has set Kelly up with her and Jim's pediatrician, Ravi. Ravi is very smart and very loyal unlike Ryan. Ryan expresses dislike for Ravi and begins to grow jealous of him. He tries several immature tactics to get Kelly back such as reminding them of all the good times they had (actually good times shortly before a fight) and telling her he has written poetry about her however his heart would break if he read it. The office staff are skeptical of this.

Erin becomes concerned with Andy and asks Dwight if he experienced being impotent when he lost the manger's position. Dwight, who briefs Nellie everyday, informs Nellie that she has succesfully crushed Andy to nothing. Nellie expresses regret and holds a meeting about impotence which just further embarreses Andy.

Andy is moved back to sales and feels even more humiliated when he tells his dad and he just makes him feel even more weak. Erin, who has seen enough of Andy like this decides to stand up to Nellie and yells at her. Andy joins in and also yells at Nellie in front of the office about how terrible she is. Robert comes out to calm Andy down however Andy throws a chair at Robert much to the staff's surprise. Andy then all of a sudden punches a hole through the same wall he did in Season 3 prompting Darryl to remark "He does not like that wall...".

Ryan's stunts to get Kelly back finally culminate with him waiting in the parking lot dressed in cerimonial Indian garb sitting upon a horse also dressed in a similar way where he in a round-about way asks Kelly to marry him however the proposal is more "eventual" rather then setting a date. Kelly tells Ryan that she loves Ravi and gives Ryan a goodbye hug however it soon turns into a make out.

Andy and Erin wait for Robert to make a decison on who the Regional Manager should be and the two wonder if they will both be sent to Anger Management. Robert calls them into Nellie's office and tells them he is going to put Nellie in charge and that Andy will go back to sales. Andy refuses to accept this and tells Robert no. Rober tells him that he can't say no however Andy continues to say no. Rober then threatens that if Andy says no one more time then he will fire him. Andy thinks for a second and then once again says no. Andy is promptly fired which gives him a feeling of control and power in his life causing him to once again be able to sexually perform with Erin.

Pam and Jim manage to steal some of Ryan's poetry where they think it will be pitiful and stupid and something they can laugh at however it ends up being extremely powerful and emotional bringing them both to tears. Jim tells the cameras that Ryan can never know that they thought it was good.

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  • Nellie says "Small, bigger, biggest... Sexual innuendo, not intentional!". Michael Scott would have just said "That's what she said!!".


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