Angelo Grotti is a character on NBC's hit show, The Office. He is seen in one episode during Season 6. He is played by Mike Starr who has coincidentally been in many other movies surrounding the mafioso.

Character OverviewEdit

During the Season 6 episode Mafia, Michael is offered insurance by a salesman named Grotti. Michael doesn't take it from him, at first, however, he does later when Andy and Dwight convince him that he is in the mafia, disgusting Oscar, who blames the weakness of the "Coalition of Reason," with Jim and Pam gone as the culprit. Michael becomes scared of Grotti, and when Andy and Dwight trick Michael into thinking that he is not in the mafia, Michael tells off Grotti. Grotti, surprised, asks Michael why and hangs up. Overall, Grotti seems to be a bit of a pushy salesman, but otherwise committed and polite.

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