Season 5

When Erin replaces Pam as receptionist in "The Michael Scott Paper Company," Both Dwight and Andy both begin to vie for her affection, using

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their instruments against each other in a friendly sing-off with "Take me Home, Country Roads" to impress her. Soon, Dwight withdraws from the contest, respecting his friendship with Andy.

Season 6

In Murder, Andy asks Erin out after waiting for a while for her to ask him out. But because the whole office was in a Roleplaying game set up by Michael, there is a miscommunication and the date is called off. 

In Secret Santa, Andy begs to get Erin, and his pleas are obliged to. Andy literally gives Erin the Twelve Days of Christmas, but after getting harassed by all of Andy's animals, Erin gets steamed and is tense towards Andy after he revealed that he was the cause of the events. However, Andy recovers by being in a marching band that put on a little show for Erin in the parking lot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

In The Delivery, Michael starts to set up couples in the office, after being thrilled that Jim and Pam ended up together under his management. Erin gets hooked up with Kevin, who she is not remotely interested in, but politely goes to lunch with him, before breaking up. When she returns to reception, Andy gives her a fax, asking her out on a date. When Andy gets confrontational, almost bringing Erin to tears, he admits what he was doing, and Erin accepts the date. 

Erin and Andy go on their first date on St. Patrick's Day, where Erin's foster brother, Reed, sits with Erin in a way that it makes him appear to be her lover. At the end, though, Andy is relieved when Erin gives him a smooch on the cheek. 

Erin sends Andy on a chase for the prized leads, where they end up in a landfill. There, they share their first kiss ("New Leads").

Andy's aversion to drama in Happy Hour causes him and Erin to be secretive about their relationship. By doing this, though, it turns out to create more drama than expected, and the two just don't have fun. Andy realizes his mistake and announces to the whole bar that he's going out with Erin. 

In Secretary's Day, Erin goes out for lunch with Michael, who reveals Andy's previous relationship with Angela Martin. The effect is a disaster- Erin hurls a hunk of cake at Andy's face when she returns to the office, and the two break up. 

Season 7

Erin admits that over the summer, she was asked out by Gabe Lewis, and accepted, only because he was her superior. Erin describes it as "Boring," but she keeps it going.  Gabe sends Erin on a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt, where each solution to a puzzle links into a different clue. Erin turns out to be horrid at puzzles, and asks Andy for help. Andy is hesitant, but Erin persists by saying that "It won't be weird," And explains that she has her boyfriend and Andy has his girlfriend, Jessica. Andy and Erin bond throughout the course of the puzzle, and Andy seems a bit sad when it ends ("PDA").  Erin is no longer attracted to Gabe and seeks advice from Pam, who tells her to end it quickly and be honest. Erin takes this a bit too far, and coldly tells Gabe that they should break up in Michael's Last Dundies in front of everyone from the office plus bystanders.  In Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager, Gabe pulls Andy aside into the conference room after spotting him joking around with Erin and breaks down, telling Andy to not date her. Andy promises he won't date Erin for his sake, but Gabe isn't convinced and confronts Andy. Andy isn't definite with his answer if he wants to date Erin or not, and leaves a confused crowd. 

Season 8

Erin is forced to meet Jessica, Andy's girlfriend in Christmas Wishes. She is overly friendly, but then her true intentions are revealed when she gets drunk and wishes Jessica dead.  In Pool Party, Andy brings Jessica to Robert California's home. Erin tries to make Andy jealous by pretending to be going out with Dwight, but Andy doesn't seem changed.  Erin is enlisted for the Florida project, and plans to stay there after she meets an elderly woman called Irene, who invites her to help her navigate her days. Andy finds out and realizes that he truly loves Erin, and drives to Florida. Erin refuses to come back with him, but finally sees the sense in it and runs to Andy's car to reconsider. 

Season 9

In The Boat, Andy plans to sail to The Bahamas. Erin is hoping for him to offer her a place on his boat, but he never brings it up, and sails away after giving Erin a hearty goodbye. 

As Andy sails through the waters of the Atlantic, Pete Miller shows interest in Erin, and it seems to be mutual. Erin tries to break up with Andy when he returns, but Andy talks her out of it, and naive Erin can't fight back. Erin tells Pete in the parking lot, and he says, "I just want you to be happy." Erin finds this touching and kisses him full on the lips before breaking up more forcefully. 

Status: Broken Up

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