Prior to the start of the Fall 2006 television season, NBC aired a "Primetime Preview" which used original scenes from The Office to introduce the new programs on the season line-up. These scenes are included on the Season 3 DVD.


  • Ryan wheels in Michael's old television set because Michael bought an expensive 13-inch flat-panel television set, which he hung on the wall of his bedroom. Michael instructs Pam to send invitations to a television watching party to everyone in the office (except Toby) titled Thirteen inches in my bedroom.
  • Pam challenges Jim to eat six saltine crackers in one minute without water. Dwight joins the challenge. The two face off in the kitchen, and neither succeeds.
  • Ryan uses the photocopier, and Kevin repeats, "Ryan, makin' copies" in the style of Rob Schneider's character on Saturday Night Live.
  • Pam delivers a message for Dwight. It is a collage-style ransom note that reads, "We want five dollars in cash or the doll dies," accompanied by a picture of Dwight's bobblehead doll, bound and gagged. Jim offers to recover the doll. "You give me the money, and I'll get him back my way." Dwight insists on doing "the drop", but Jim explains that Dwight is too emotional to handle the situation effectively. After Dwight goes for a walk to clear his head, we see that many letters from the cover of Pam's copy of Tomorrow's Bride magazine have been clipped out. Jim opens his desk drawer and places the bobble-head doll (still bound and gagged) on Dwight's desk.
  • In the parking lot, Jim and Kevin throw a mustard bottle as high as they can against the side of the building. Dwight orders them to stop, but they ignore him. Dwight uses a highly unorthodox throwing technique and manages to make a mark only waist-high.
  • Phyllis is amazed by a newspaper story of a dog that saved its owner's life by dialing 9-1-1. Dwight is unimpressed. In a talking head interview, Dwight explains that "for every dog that dials 9-1-1, there are like seventy more who dial 7-1-4."
  • After Kelly mentions how Carmen Electra is so hot, Kevin tells Pam she could be as glamorous as Carmen Electra if she changed a few things about her appearance. Michael joins the discussion and says that he prefers the more intellectual Tina Fey. "She, I bet, is a tomcat in the sack."
  • The work day is over, and everybody waits for the elevator. Meredith looks forward to Michael's viewing party and the exciting new programs on the schedule. Stanley and Angela are not enthused. The elevator doesn't come, and Angela takes the stairs. Dwight awkwardly adds, "I love television."


  • The bobble-head doll was originally supposed to be hooded, but they decided against it because it rendered the doll unrecognizable.
  • It took many takes to shoot the cracker-eating contest, because the actors kept laughing and breaking character.
  • On the first take of the mustard toss, John Krasinski threw the bottle onto the roof. (Nobody made any effort to retrieve it; the bottle is presumably still there.)
  • One of the "w"s in the ransom note came from a magazine article about The Office; it was the 'w' from the name 'Dwight'.[1]


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