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Toby's daughter dead?

S8 EP6 "DOOMSDAY" 6:30 Into episode you see Gabe talking to Toby. On Toby's desk there are pictures of Sasha. But they all seem to be of her at a very young age still. On his board above his desk there is paperwork that says grief counseling. Is this some kind of clue that Sasha has passed away? Toby is typically the tragic character of the group but did the writers perhaps leave this up to the viewer to decipher? I don't remember seeing her in episodes being grown up like meridiths son or Stanley's daughter? I know there are some dark secrets to the show like ryan abondoning his baby or Phyllis giving away her baby. Any other clues to this?

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• 11/7/2018

Please help me hit 1K views for my class!

Final Dundie Award!
Final Dundie Award! BuzzFeed Community
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• 8/30/2018

Eww reaction

Hi, guys! Does anyone remember which episode is that...?
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• 8/26/2018

Cuteness War

I would put Jim and Pam's son Phillip, however you barely see his face throughout the series.
Who is cuter?
  • Cece
  • Phillip (Dwight & Angela)
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• 8/25/2018

The Office Fan Quiz

I found the following app to be the toughest Office quiz out there: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pocketalpha.quiz.office
The Office Fan Quiz - Apps on Google Play
The Office Fan Quiz - Apps on Google Play play.google.com
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• 8/14/2018

Sabre HQ

During the episodes where Sabre was in charge I saw there HQ many times. That black stealthy looking thing. Does anyone know where it is located IRL? I can’t find it anywhere. Was it even real or just greenscreen? It looked detailed though.
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• 8/10/2018

Who's the sister??

Okay, not sure if anyone noticed this yet, but in Niagara part 2, when Jim and Pam ran off, Jim's brothers, Pete and Tom ask Michael if he had a whoopee cushion on him because they wanted to prank their sister who's on the can.... SISTER? Im not sure if they were referring to a sister-in-law, but if so, who? And would they really mention her as their collective sister? It couldnt mean Pam, because they had no clue where the two went... Hmmmm
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• 8/9/2018

Underrated Episodes

I feel like there are a lot of underrated episodes of the office (especially in seasons 6 & 7)
Which Of These "Underrated Episodes" Is You're Favourite
  • Happy Hour (from Season 6)
  • PDA (from Season 7)
  • Diwali (from Season 3)
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• 7/22/2018


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• 7/1/2018

Andy’s Play Cast Clones?!

Does anyone else see any resemblances between the cast of Andy’s play “Sweeney Todd” in Episode 3 of Season 7 and the actual cast of The Office??
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• 6/18/2018

The Office Conference Room Table?

During the show we see the conference room. Sometimes it has a large round table in it, sometimes rows of chairs, and other time's it is empty(ish) for a party. Does anyone know where they move the table? In episodes where they have parties you don't see it in the office anywhere. They clearly move it frequently so I doubt they send it to the warehouse and back all the time. I don't think it's ever mentioned either.
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• 6/18/2018

The Office Fan Quiz

The Office Fan Quiz - Apps on Google Play
The Office Fan Quiz - Apps on Google Play play.google.com
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• 5/21/2018

Hi everyone, I need some help.

Hi everyone, I love the show and this forum and I was wondering if you all could help me out by taking a few minutes to answer some questions for an assessment. Thanks! P.S. Rest in piece to Kevin's chili.
How have attitude and perspectives towards guns affected culture in society with and without gun control?
How have attitude and perspectives towards guns affected culture in society with and without gun control? Google Docs
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• 5/12/2018

Toby to comment on the Scranton Strangle!

Mike 'Box' Elder on Twitter
Mike 'Box' Elder on Twitter Twitter
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• 5/9/2018

Andy and Angela: wedding venue

In S5E10 (Netflix), did Angela intentionally lead Andy to Shrute farms as a wedding venue? Or was she just reminiscing about spending time there in the past with Dwight and Andy found the place?
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• 4/22/2018

Seating Musical Chairs

Can anyone figure out where Andy sat in Season 3 after Oscar came back from his ‘gaycation’ and before Karen left for Utica? I know he took Dwight’s desk when Dwight left for Staples, but can’t recall seeing him sitting anywhere else. Across from Meredith? Photo proof?
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• 4/12/2018

Jim Halpert: Prince to Pam, Nightmare to All Other Women...

Does anyone else think it’s interesting that we view Jim as being this prince among men, a dream guy, etc. - which of course he was when it came to Pam - but he was a total douche bag to every other woman he dated? The way he treated Katy (Amy Adams) on the booze cruise episode was horrendous, and then how about the fact that he lets Karen Filippelli believe he cares about her, waste half a year of her life on him, move to Scranton, etc., - only to dump her out of nowhere when he finally decides to grow a pair and ask Pam out again? He’s really a schmuck when you think of it, IMO....
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• 4/12/2018

Phillip Martin Lipton Schrute Paternity - WTF?

I love the show in its entirety, but I think there’s no denying that it went off the rails the last two seasons...but one of the biggest head scrathers for me was the paternity of Angela’s baby, Phillip. An entire episode is based on Dwight acquiring the soiled diaper from the garbage to test Phillip’s DNA, and Angela obviously knows/suspects that the baby is Dwight’s by her reaction, but the test comes back as negative. Then suddenly in the 2nd to last episode, Angel says Dwight is his father? Huh? Some explanation of the diaper DNA test results were needed there, right? Like maybe Angela could’ve said something about it being CeCe Halpert’s diaper? Did anyone else struggle with this?
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• 3/4/2018

do you think that the boom guy brian actually liked pam romantically, or vice versa?

honestly when the episodes with brian were going on i was worried that pam would choose brian over jim. do you think he honestly had feelings for her? or maybe pam had feelings for him?
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• 3/1/2018

Wrong house?

In the episode Branch Closing, Michael Scott and Dwight wait hours for David Wallace to come home and I noticed the front doormat was monogrammed H and not W. I wonder if they are at the wrong house and it's a subtle joke, or if it's an oversight.

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